'As Above ...'



'So Below ...'







It cannot be denied that the relatively 'new' discoveries in the Science and Mathmatics of Chaos and Quantum Physics research are revolutionizing the 'old world' view, rediscovering and reaffirming what was once common knowledge in the time of the 'Ancients'.

Fractals reveal a hidden 'order' underlying all seemingly chaotic events. The fractals are intricate and beautiful. They repeat basic patterns, but with an infinity of variations and forms. The world-view emerging from this scientific research is new, and yet at the same time very very ancient.

When you look deeply into the Mandelbrot fractal you see thin strands of connectivity which unite all relationships founded in zero awareness - but all other mathematical relationships do not unite with themselves to form a united, infinite connectiveness. There are Cantor sets, which fade away into the infinitely small, and there are Julia sets, which only connect with their own complexity.

That fascinating and most mysterious number Phi, (1.618) which the Greeks referred to as the Golden Ratio, just keeps recurring EveryWhere ......

Did you know, for example, that on average the navel of a (standing) person is located at 62 percent of the distance from the ground to the top of the person's head? ... Phi  ....

Or that the bronchial tubes in the human lung follow the Fibonacci scale for the first seven iterations? (The diameters follow that scale for ten generations).

 The influence of Phi be found Everywhere  ..........in the form and proportions of the human body, animals, insects, sea shells, pine cones, flowers, the veins of a leaf, DNA, the solar system, the galaxies, clouds, waves, all sacred geometry, classical art, ancient and other architecture ........even in music....

....... in each and every snow flake, every bolt of lightening, every tree, every branch; every cloud, every mountain ..... in the formation of our veins and nervous system, and in the forms of Nebula and Galaxies in space........clearly demonstrating the maxim - 'As above - So below'.

 A paper published by the University of Koblenz notes that the Fibonacci series and the related Golden Ratio are observed frequently in nature.

"The pattern of order that lies herein is an empirically observed regularity that excludes an accidental arrangement in the placement of leaves." (Referring to an example cited in the article). "With these observations we perceive an order in phenomena that can be expressed with mathematics ... that we experience at the same time as harmonious and beautiful.

It doesn't surprise us that in centuries past these structures were interpreted as "planetary harmonics" (Kepler), as "Divine Proportion" (Pacioli), or, in the 19th century, as the GoldenSection." The reason why this relationship occurs so frequently in nature has yet to be explained by 'Science' ........ However, I suspect the 'Ancient Ones' knew all about it .....

In professional mathematical literature, the common symbol for the Golden Ratio is the Greek letter Tau (from the Greek 'tomi', which means 'cut').

Then, at the beginning of the twentieth century, the American mathematician Mark Barr gave the ratio the name of Phi, the first Greek letter in the name (and the first three letters) of Phidias, the great Greek sculptor who lived around 490 to 430 BC.

Phidias' greatest achievements were the 'Athena Parthenos' in Athens and the 'Zeus' in the temple of Olympia. He is traditionally also credited with having been in charge of other Parthenon sculptures, although it is quite probable that many were actually made by his students and assistants. Barr decided to honor the sculptor because a number of art historians maintained that Phidias had made frequent and meticulous use of the Golden Ratio (also known as the Golden Section, Golden Number or Divine Proportion) in his sculpture ....

. "... For Nature has so planned the human body that the face from the chin to the top of the forehead and the roots of the hair is a tenth part; also the palm of the hand from the wrist to the top of the middle finger is as much; the head from the chin to the crown, an eighth part; from the top of the breast with the bottom of the neck to the roots of the hair, a sixth part; from the middle of the breast to the crown, a fourth part; a third part of the height of the face is from the bottom of the chin to the bottom of the nostrils; the nose from the bottom of the nostrils to the line between the brows, as much; from that line to the roots of the hair, the forehead is given as the third part. The foot is a sixth of the height of the body; the cubit a quarter, the breast also a quarter. The other limbs also have their own proportionate measurements. And by using these, ancient painters and famous sculptors have attained great and unbounded distinction..."

Modern physics and mathematics can prove that Time is an illusion of our limited consciousness. In reality, there is only infinite potential and within that, from our point of view, there is the probability that certain groups of energy, quanta, will be in relation to other groups of quanta.

This means that everything and every relationship possible exists.

Indeed, only if every possibility of all relationships exist, can true 'free will' be possible. This also allows for the potential for the connectivity of consciousness through the complete space of our Universe and thus the possibility that we can live forever in one stream of totally connected consciousness.

This is the Flow which appears to move through the Infinity of potential Multiiverses or Connections.

HowEver, in reality, it is only us moving through space witch gives us the Ill-us-ion of Time.



It is evident that in the crop circles we are seeing more frequently and in increasing complexity, are 'messages' being imparted to the entire world in a graphic way rather than in words ... long lost cryptic messages in the 'old' language of the higher dimensions.

They have been labeled a hoax, or all but ignored by the mainstream media, but Crop Circles are not a modern phenomenon. Some dubous types have admittedly created their own "circles", but the mess they create cannot be compared to the mathematical elegance and precision of the real phenomenon.
They are mentioned in academic texts of the late 17th Century, and unpublished evidence confirmed crop circles dating back into the 1890's. Almost 200 cases, (some with eyewitness accounts) have been reported prior to 1970. Since then, some eighty eyewitnesses as far flung as British Columbia and Australia have reported crop circles forming in under twenty seconds; cases are often accompanied by sightings of incandescent or brightly-coloured balls or shafts of light.

Serious attention was given to the circles in 1980 in southern England. The designs appeared primarily as simple circles, circles with rings, and variations on the Celtic cross up into the mid-1980s. Then they developed straight lines, creating pictograms, resembling petroglyphs found at sacred sites thoughout the world. After 1990 the designs developed exponentially in complexity.

1991 gave us a Mandelbrot fractal in the cornfields of Cambridgeshire, a diagram illustrating the complex mathematics of chaos theory, which "describes natural processes in terms of an unseen or non-physical dimension". It also illustrates the modular wave hierarchy encoded in The I Ching that implies our imminent encounter with this unseen dimension in 2012.

So, the crop formations continued to evolve, increasing incomplexity and size, with fractal formations increasing too. 1996 gave us the Stonehenge Julia Set and the Avebury triple Julia Set, with a record-breaking number of circles.    

     1997 gave us the Silbury Hill Koch snowflake .... and the Milk Hill super-Koch snowflake ...

    Many alchemical and other "sacred" symbols have been seen, including the Kabalistic/Sephirotic Tree of Life which appeared at Barbury Castle, England, in May 1997.

More recent crop glyphs depict the Mandelbrot and other fractals and elements that relate to fourth dimensional processes in Quantum Physics and Chaos Theory.

The final formation of 1997 was the "Strange Attractor" fractal at Hackpen Hill.

    This is a term from Chaos Theory that means "an irreducible invariant set that attracts the trajectories of all nearby points". The final circles of 1999 was an eightfold 'Pi" formation.

2003 gave us the pentagram, flower of life and many more -


One of the final circles of the 2003 season was at Walker's Hill, Wiltshire and was dubbed 'The Swallows', feauring three 'swallows' leading 7 groupings of 'planets' (6,4,2,6,2,4,6). The swallow in an augur of good luck, a symbol of spring, increasing light, fertility, regeneration, birth and awakening.

Their sizes have also increased, some occupying areas as large as 200,000 sq ft. To date there have been over 10,000 reported and documented crop circles throughout the world, with some 90% emerging from southern England.

    At Stonehenge, a pilot reported seeing nothing unusual while flying above the monument, yet 15 minutes later this huge 900 ft formation depicting the Julia Set fractal spiral formation, and comprising 149 meticulously layed circles, lay beside the well-patrolled monument. It took a team of 11 no less than five hours just to survey the formation.

There are many websites devoted to this subject, although some of the more spectacular photos accessible the public during the 90's are no longer available it seems. The best photo libraries of the circles is Lucy Pringles 's website. Lucy is one of the world's leading crop circle photographers. Hers are among the best photographs available portraying the enigmatic crop circle mystery and is also a leading researcher, author and lecturer on the subject


Crop circles are manifesting in more and more countries and increasing in complexity. I have studied the phenomena in depth and the thing that fascinates me most about the formations is the way in which the crops are flattened, swirled and "woven" to form these intricate designs.  The crops are never broken, but bent - normally about an inch off the ground and near the plant's first node. The nodes are swollen indicating that the moisture inside has expanded, then vaporized. Microscopic "blow-outs" reveal that nodes have been heated from the inside. The plants appear to be subjected to a short and intense burst of heat which softens the stems to drop just above the ground at 90 degrees, without breaking. Crops are undamaged, still ripening normally and seeds from inside the circles exhibit accelerated germination and growth rates.. Plant biologists are baffled by this phenomenon. Research and laboratory tests suggest that microwaves or infrasound may be the only method capable of producing such an effect.
Crop circles are sometimes accompanied by trilling sounds, captured on tape and analysed by NASA as being artificial in origin, with a harmonic component of 5.2 kHz
The study of vibrational wave patterns, known as Cymatics, may shed some light on the subject. One of its earliest researchers was Margaret Watts-Hughes who, in 1891, captured precise geometric patterns on film as she sang sustained notes into a device using fine powder as a medium.. It was seventy six years later when Swiss scientist Hans Jenny published the first of his painstaking studies on the transmission of sound through physical mediums, this time using monitored electronic frequencies. He observed how sound vibration created geometric shapes - a low frequency produced a simple circle, whereas a higher frequency increased the number of concentric rings around a central circle. As the frequencies rose, so too, did the complexity of shapes, to the point where tetrahedrons, mandalas and other sacred forms could be discerned. Like Margaret before him, Hans enabled humanity to observe the frozen "music of the spheres".

So we can surmise "how", after a fashion, but "why"?
Given that the most recent circles are fractals, are the circles in fact urging us to explore Chaos Theory, the mathematics and geometry of the fourth dimension? Euclidian geometry pertained only to the realities of the first, second and third dimensions. The ideas of scaling and self similarity are critical to understanding the Laws of Chaos - All is connected.

Wherever we look in nature we find fractals with self similarity over scales. This is known as 'recursion'.......

Again this reminds us ........'As above - so Below'.

Thanks to Benoit Mandelbrot (IBM scientist,Professor of Mathematics at Yale and expert in many fields including astronomy and physics) and the recent insights of other Chaoticians, we now have a mathematical understanding of some of the heretofore secret workings of Nature. We understand now, why two trees growing next to each other in the forest at the same time from the same stock with the same genes will still end up unique. They will be similar to be sure, but not identical - just as every snow flake falling from the same cloud at the same time under identical conditions is still unique, different from all of the rest. This is only possible because of the infinity which lies in the dimensions and the interplay of chance - the unpredictable Chaos.
Recent discoveries in brain research suggest that a fractal structures may be how the receptive fields of the visual cortex and other brain structures are organized. DNA also is now coming to be viewed as a live vibrating structure, rather than a fixed template. Many modern scientists, regard DNA as a shimmering, waveform configuration, able to be modified by light, radiation, magnetic fields or sonic pulses.

Now all that remains is to speculate "who" ?
In the controversial Dead Sea Scrolls, revealing the lost Books Of Enoch, (removed from the Bible by early religious leaders), Enoch describes a wondrous civilisation in the past, who used the keys of higher knowledge but were unable to save themselves from the last
cataclysm. Both literally and figuratively they lost the "keys to the kingdom" (Many of the early crop circles resembled keys.) Known to the Egyptians as Thoth, the "Lord of Magic and Time" and to the Greeks as Hermes, "Messenger of the Gods", he is even remembered in the Celtic tradition as the enigmatic wizard, Merlin - as one who attained immortality and who promised to return at the "end of time" with the "keys to the sacred land" and the secret of how we might "become as gods".
According to numerous earth legends, such beings are supposed to return regularly, at the beginning and end of each time cycle, the 13,000 year half-point of our solar system's 26,000 year zodiacal orbit around galaxy centre. Because of conditions in our galactic orbit, these13,000 year intervals or cycles, seem to be separated by cataclysmic upheavals of varying intensities.

We are said to be nearing the end of such a cycle, are we not ? Are the crop circles a catalyst to assist us to rediscover and apply the Ancient Wisdom, which was once common knowledge?
After all, the so called myths and legends, not to mention the megalithic ruins littering the planet, suggest long lost civilizations, philiosophies and technologies far in advance of ours. I would further suggest that what passes fpr theology, science and the resultant civilization we know today, are but faint shadows, a distorted echo, as it were, of a highly sophisicated ancient way of life.

If "fractal chaos" does dissolve the wall between science and religion, transmuting both, we may indeed witness the Alchemy of all mankind.

'Solve et Coagula'.


Water is far from inanimate......it's actually 'alive' and is receptive and responsive to our every thought and emotion. Especially Now, at the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, water has a very important message for us. Water is telling us to take a much deeper look at our selves. When we do look at our selves through the mirror of water, the message becomes amazingly, crystal, clear.

We know that human life is directly connected to the quality of our water, both within and all around us. Water is a very malleable substance, a True ShapeShifter, as it were. Its physical shape easily adaptsto whatever environment is present.

HowEver, its physical appearance is not the only thing that changes; its molecular shape also changes. The energy or vibrations of the environment will change the molecular shape of water. In this sense water not only has the ability to visually reflect the environment but it also molecularly reflects the environment

The research of Dr. Masaru Emoto and his book "Messages from Water" is interesting and compelling, indeed. These studies of indicate that 'Love' promotes 'structural integrity' whilst 'Hate' disrupts it.


....and when one considers that our own bodies at birth are 70 percent water, and the percentage of water in our bodies remains high throughout life (depending upon weight and body type up to 85%), and also, the earth's surface is 70 percent water, the implications of Dr. Emoto's research are immense.........

On a personal level, I find this research and its implications to be enlightening and empowering.

On a global level, it explains One L of a lot.  

Given that 'Love' is a field of knowledge (albeit ancient and forgotten by mortal man), it is necessary to apply oneself conscientiously to training in that field, which consists basically of developing higher consciousness. For this it is necessary, first of all, to develop the ability to see oneself objectively, to take notice of the real causes that motivate our feelings, thoughts, and actions, thereby allowing us to reveal the underlying cause which prevents us from having empathy with others, and which inevitably severs us from Universal Conciousness. To express it in the most basic and simple way, "pure love" means to love with one's being and not with one's personality. It is seeing oneself in the All, in a very real way.

The people we come into contact with throughout our lives, particularly partners, serve as mirrors for us, in which we can view a reflection of ourselves. Whenever we have a negative reaction/undesirable emotion, this is an indicator of areas of ourselves that need adjustment. We cannot see in another, something which is not operating within us.

It has been said that "God is Love" and it seems that this is a reality rather than a metaphor. It is vital to understand that the Universe is holographic representation, a field, a game - and that all living beings are united by the same lines of life-force, and that therefore, if we intend to hurt or insult others, we inevitably harm ourselves. On the other hand, if we seek to enhance another, to create harmonious outcomes, we inevitably benefit ourselves

Creation through co-operation rather than destruction through competition.

Win-win scenarios rather than win-lose constructs.

Inclusive rather than exclussive

"When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars,
Then peace will guide the planets, and Love will steer the stars".

We stand at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the Water Bearer.

Anyone up for a swim?      



    Incidentally, J R R Tolkien made some very  interesting allusions to a connection between Middle-earth Elf music and the sounds of flowing water. The most explicit of these speaks of the Teleri, "who were from the beginning lovers of water, and the fairest singers of all the Elves," and whose music was "filled with the sound of waves upon the shore."
According to "The Silmarillion" the first thing that the Elves saw when they awoke in Cuivienen was starlight, and that thus they love starlight and revere Varda, Queen of Heaven, above all the other Valar. It is also said that the first sound that they heard was that of water falling over stone. It might be inferred, then, that they also have a primevally deep love for the sound of water, and that it must be integral to their musical inspiration. The idea expressed in messages from the water, could be corroborated by the imtimate relationship between the Elves and Ulmo, Valar of the Waters.

What did Tolkien mean by Elven music being "filled with the sound of waves upon the shore"? It seems unlikely to think that the music literally sounded like waves, brooks, or waterfalls, especially in light of the fact that Elf music was primarily solo voice, and when accompanied, almost always by harp. It must be that the music was on some subtle level reminiscent of flowing water, that it had similar characteristics. The sounds of water trickling over stone, roaring in waves against the shore of the sea, and rushing headlong over a falls are all examples of "chaos theory" - not disorder but rather a disguised order consisting of layers of recurrsive patterns - in other words the seemingly random noises of flowing water are fractals.

It's also again worth noting that chaos theory and fractal patterns pervade ALL of nature, not only sounds of flowing water.

The Elves loved trees and forests, stars, animals, had extraordinary control over fire, and could blend into almost any natural environment and travel without being seen or heard. This makes a potential 'Fractal Chaos' connection to Elves and the Ancient Ones all the more compelling and interesting.


Ka in the ancient Kemetic, or Egyptian language has a double meaning dealing with the spiritual, and the physical. Ka means the 'vital energy of the soul', or simply the 'soul'. The Ka is often described simply as a 'body double' which does not convey it's full understanding as soul, or subtle vital energy. The Egyptian idea of a vital energy, Ka, is very much like the 'li' in Japanese, and the 'chi' in Chinese.

This can be seen in the word 'karate' - ka-ra-te

(ka = chi, ra = to wake or rise up, te = to emit) Also in Japanese, 'te' means 'hand.

The hieroglyph for the ka was the shoulders and arms with the arms bent upwards at the elbow, In ancient cultures, the hands are seen as an extension of the heart. .....and...... in the Egyptian tradition, Seshat represents the pineal gland and it’s association with the other powers. The pineal gland holds the Intelligence of the Heart and functions with the Wisdom of Love. Seshat is the female counterpart of Thoth who represents the Keeper of Wisdom and is the Neter of writing and record keeping. Seshat means seven and signature or the signing of the seventh.

This signature gives Actualization to the Potential and is key in Manifesting. At this Signing, the initiate must let it all go the Way of the Universe, resolve into One, and begin a new process.

.....  this is where ther 'immortality aspect of the DNA comes in  ...

The 'ka' represents the Higher S-Elf and is the connection to all the 'higher subtle bodies', allowing access to the entire universal memory, the 'Neters' or 'akashic record' and is the assemblage point in the physical body and mind...

'Geometric' shapes create this Matrix ('reality') which links all things together. This Matrix is a Lattice or Grid used to create DNA to 'experience' in many forms including a physical body. Sound, Light and Color spiraled their energies into the new universe, and created shapes which would define form. Created and multiplied over and over in endless myriads of glorious rainbow multifacted patterns, so that we may 'experience' on many levels at once, as our 'souls are all c connecting on all levels through the grid points. Just like fractals. : } Locked within everyOne's DNA, is the encoded information concerning the true nature of this 'physical' (phi-cycle) reality and how this knowledge enables the souls to return home, to be 're-Mem-bered' when each soul is ready.

In forums and other groups similar to this one, 'threads' of telepathic resonance are created. This is what we feel filtering, permeating and flowing through all 'layers' of our being, enhancing the communication and setting the tides of Creative Action in motion. They combine, intertwine and often merge. They are part of the 'chaos' of ever changing reality.

Elven currents are not particularly of an object, but the spaces 'between' objects. Not the emitter of forces...but the area of interplay between forces...so much so that one could think of that space between being it's own force........Think of the space between two gravitational or electromagnetic field areas...which is not of one field or the other, but the area where they meet. That feeling of surface tension, that turbulent stillness. Zero point awareness in 'O-mega portions'.......; }

That is the area where the senses mingle (and the nerve ends tingle) and cross their borders....and where the living forms interact and strengthen each other. This is the mind of the Elven sort...a realm where everything is deepened by the influences of other flows, where the turbulence brings it's own balance - a paradigm of symbiosis and interaction - the images meet, there is a central being formed, which embodies the interaction, and information flows between the two through the jointly created filter...which of course has it's own Sentience....and moves on. (smile)....... the essence of magick being in the interaction between the various symbioses we form with other's energies...

This still doesn't explain what I am getting at, anywhere near adequately, though it must suffice for now....in any case, some things just can't be described with words, or grasped with the intellect, even.........'Ignotum per ignotius, obscurantum per obscurantius'.......

Experience makes the best Teacher.....does it knot ?

In-Phi-Knit Love,